Todd Turner specialises in hand crafted fine jewellery for clients who wish for a distinctly personal and timeless jewel.


Each bespoke jewellery commission begins in our studio where you can peruse Todd's many jewellery designs and pore over his impressive collection of loose gems. 

Todd listens carefully to each customer's ideas and offers expert advice on personalised design, diamond and gem choice. You are welcome to bring images of jewellery that you like or anything that strikes your imagination. Throughout the consultation Todd makes sketches, visually expressing the ideas discussed. By doing so a loose design and a feel for the piece of jewellery to be made begins to emerge.


Once an initial idea for the piece has been established, Todd formalises the design in precise drawings so that you can see clearly what your piece will look like. 

The finest design details are discussed: the shape of a claw, the angles of a faceted gem, the most subtle elements that will characterise your personal jewel.  Each detail of the design is considered with your finger size, your chosen gem and wishes in mind. Todd's philosophy for design is one of timelessness and attention to detail; jewellery designed with a personal approach, to "serve the gem" and bring out it's natural beauty, with elegant proportions and details that you will love for a lifetime.


Next, the process of bringing your piece to life will begin.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted by Todd here in our studio. A master craftsman with some thirty years experience making jewellery, he takes great care when it comes to the subtle nuances and tiny details that distinguish a timeless and unique piece of fine jewellery. Even the simplest of designs bear the markings of the highest quality in traditional craftsmanship.


Todd is happy to show you your piece in progress stages so that you can see how it is made and be part of the process. He often asks customers to come in for a fitting, just to be sure that the piece is comfortable and is perfect in every way when you put it on.

Once the piece is finished, it's all yours and we're confident that you will love and treasure it for a lifetime.